Having a team of employees who are accountable for the service is very important, but achieving that requires efforts and a strategic vision on the part of the managers.
For this, a company can use several techniques, and one of them is job description. This description consists of a document describing the role of the position, the specific activities to be performed, the duties and responsibilities that fit within the company.
Why is this description important?
  • Assists the collaborator in the accomplishment of his activities, since he will have specific knowledge about what he should carry out in his work;
  • The company, knowing about the functions to be performed, can analyze this performance of its employee and, consequently, know what to charge him;
  • When presenting, in the description, the skills that the collaborator must have, this perceives in that it must be perfected to grow professionally;
  • Greater satisfaction and productivity on the part of the team of employees, when seeing the results of their activities impacting on the growth of the organization.
Of course, in the workplace, eventualities may come to fruition. Therefore, it is also important to include in this description possible contingencies, so that the employee is aware of this flexibility in the activities.
Ignoring job descriptions within a company can hinder growth for both employees and employees.
In situations where an employee does not have a very clear work routine or the organization can not make clear what the requirements for the position are, employees may be unaware of part of the tasks assigned to their job, failing to perform them, harming both the parts.
Detailing the job description of a company will enable it not only to ask its employees to perform the tasks, but also to keep them attentive to their duties and duties on a day-to-day basis.
Among the many features that Vivaintra offers, you can make the functions of each position available in detail in the profile of your employees, promoting an organized and productive work routine.